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Pavel Andrienko

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We are not an advertisment. No one pays us money for this. We are an enthusiastic project and our purpose is to popularise Lasithi. I'm not from Greece, but every year I come to Lasithi, so it became my second motherland. It's an amazing land and you actually will find there everything you want. In Lasithi there is a lot of sun, happiness, adventures and filoxenia (special greek termin for hospitality). We made this project to show you Lasithi from its best side and meet you with this unique world. Wish you a nice staying in Lasithi!


Jul.07 2022

It's boiling hot in Lasithi, so it's time to go to the mountain!  Here's  a list of MyL where to go.

You can't stand  when it's more than +30, but you don't want to stay in a hotel? Go to the village of Thrypti! This village stands in a small valley on the height of 700 metres, so it's always nice there. In the central square of Thrypti you can find the start of the path to Afentis peak. The path is not so hard and also it's very beautiful, from the peak you can see all gulf of Mirabello. 

View from Afentis peak

Also you can go to the gorge of Mesonas, which goes from Thrypti to Kavouse of go to the Peresterionas waterfall, which is next to the village of Oreino.

Apr.18 2022

MyLasithi is officially started!

Are you waiting for summer or you'll go to Lasithi in some days? MyLasithi will help you in every time! Read the most important information about Lasithi, plan your trips and dive into incredibe world of Crete like never earlier with MyLasithi!